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Garnishing Tools

Paring Knife


Fruit garnishes are cut with a small knife with a short blade.


Cutting Board

Either wood or plastic is used to make a sturdy board. You can cut things with its surface, like fruits and vegetables.




The zest of citrus fruits can be used as a garnish or as an aromatic, flavorful addition by using a tool to extract the zest. When grating spices like nutmeg or cinnamon, it comes in handy. The channel zester is a variation designed for zesting fruits with twisted peels.




A peeler is a necessary bar tool for removing fruit skins, and it has a sharp stainless steel blade.




Toothpicks can be made from a variety of materials, including bamboo or a more traditional wood. Some cocktails have fruit or olives on top, and these sticks are used to attach the fruit or olives.


Dispenser for Whipping Cream


Whipped cream is required in some drinks because they are particularly sweet. Whipping cream bottles from the store will do, but a dispenser is more attractive and allows you to customise your cream mix.


Aerators use compressed nitrous oxide to aerate cream, and the result is foam. Aerators are common in bars, but they’re difficult to use.


Other Bar Tools


Mixing Glass


A glass with a spout that makes it easier to pour drinks and reduces the risk of them spilling. It serves as a vessel for mixing ingredients and adding liqueurs or spirits while mowing the lawn.


Wine Key


A wine key is a multi-purpose tool developed in Germany in the 1880s. There are three tools included in this set: a knife to cut the foil on the wine bottle, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. This tool is favoured by sommeliers due to its ease of use, convenience, and effectiveness.


Speed Opener

There are two holes on either end of a speed opener, which is a flat stainless steel bar tool. It’s designed to open beer bottles and let the bartender show off his skills by doing tricks with them. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or on a belt loop, depending on your preference.

Foil Cutter

You’ll open a bottle of wine faster and easier if you have a foil cutter handy. When you rotate the blade, it cuts a slit in the foil.

Ice Tongs/ Scoop and Bucket

Drinks need ice because it adds a cooling effect. Using an ice scoop or tongs to transfer ice from the bucket to the glass or shaker ensures everything stays clean and safe.


Fresh ingredients are preferable in some cocktails. Using a muddler, crush mint or citrus leaves to release their flavours and aromas. These mashing implements resemble pestles and are meant for that purpose.


Wood, plastic, and stainless steel are just a few examples of the materials that can be found in them. A rounded tip or teeth for better extraction can be found on some, but not all.

Citrus Squeezers

You could squeeze a lemon with your bare hands, but that wouldn’t be very hygienic, and your customers wouldn’t like to see you do that. With a lime squeezer, you can squeeze out every last drop of juice with ease and cleanliness.


Absinthe Spoon


To counteract the bitterness of absinthe, an absinthe spoon is a perforated spoon with distinctive and eye-catching designs. With a sugar cube resting on top of the spoon’s slotted part, it’s horizontally resting on the glass’s rim.


In order to dissolve the sugar, Absinthe is poured over the cube followed by an ice-cold glass of water.


Butler’s Friend Corkscrew 


The wine key with a corkscrew has already been discussed. How do you plan on using your butler’s friend corkscrew? The prongs on this cork puller are specifically designed for removing delicate vintage corks, so that no cork fragments end up in the wine.


It’s used by inserting the prongs in between the cork and twisting the handle until the cork comes out easily.


Bottle Stopper for Champagne and Wine


Occasionally, a bottle of wine or champagne will go half empty. There’s a nitrate in there to keep the flavour and aroma from fading.

eed for wine stoppers attached to the bottle’s opening and tightly seal it. 

October 27, 2021

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