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Shakers For Mixing Cocktails

Bartenders, like scientists, require specialised equipment to create the best concoctions in a clean, safe, and time-efficient fashion. Some of them are used all the time, while others are only used on rare occasions.


It doesn’t matter if you want to start a small home bar or work in a high-end restaurant; these bar tools are required no matter what. Here are the must-have bar utensils for your establishment.


Shakers for mixing cocktails

These cylindrical containers for blending alcoholic beverages with other drinks and ice are commonly made of metal. A cocktail shaker’s primary function is to keep the drink cold while it’s being shaken. You can pick from these four kinds of shakers:


The Shakers of Boston


There are two parts to the Boston shaker, which is most commonly used by bartenders. The two glasses are a perfect fit, so that when you mix your cocktail, there will be no spillage. While this shaker is convenient and long-lasting, it also necessitates considerable finesse, particularly when separating the two glasses.


Tin can on a tin can


These come with two glass-like containers, just like the Boston shaker. The only difference is that these are made of tin, hence the name. As long as you keep the containers separate, the tin on tin shaker is easier to use than a glass on glass shaker. When making a cocktail with egg whites, it’s best to use a shaker like this one.


To make matters even better, the drinks will cool down much faster in the tin cans than in the plastic one. The only drawback is that, unlike a Boston shaker, you won’t be able to see the drinks you’re mixing as you go.




It’s made up of three parts: a large shaking tin, a fitted top with a strainer, and a top cap. It’s less obtrusive, but it has disadvantages all the same.


The lid can become sticky and difficult to remove when a cocktail is shaken. There is already a strainer on the glass but it isn’t very fine and can leave pulp or ice traces in the drink.


Even so, it’s a great shaker to have around when you’re learning to mix and want to put your skills to the test. When you lose your jigger, you can still use this handy feature because the cap measures exactly one ounce.




There are two parts to this shaker, which is also known as the French shaker. When it comes to style and colour, the Parisian shaker is hard to beat. However, unlike the cobbler, it lacks a built-in strainer, necessitating the use of a separate strainer in the kitchen.


Because it is made of metal, it also has a high thermal conductivity. However, despite its attractiveness and other advantages, it falls short when compared to the Boston shaker in terms of effectiveness.


These are awsom shakers for the cocktail mixing.

October 27, 2021

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