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The bottle plays a key role in the wine production process. As we have already told you in another of our posts, there are many factors involved in such a process, such as cork stoppers for wine . After bottling, the bottle aging phase begins, at which point the wine reaches maturity. 


Normally, during this process the bottle is “dormant”, that is to say, in a horizontal position so that the cork remains wet at all times thanks to the constant contact with the broth. The shortage of air makes it possible for the elements of the wine to react with each other and to finish forming their nuances. 


The aroma and flavor of the wine are refined and balanced as a result of reactions that take place inside the bottle thanks to which part of the tannins are eliminated and the level of astringency of the wine is reduced.



Although the shape of the bottle itself can be considered something aesthetic, the color of the glass does play an important role in helping to improve the preservation of the broth and keep it properly for the optimal moment of its consumption. 


The color used in the bottles has a protective function from the action of light, better preserving the wine inside. The most used color is green, but we can find others such as black, amber or transparent. 


The darker colors are usually used in aging wines (wines that will spend a long time in the bottle). On the other hand, transparent bottles are often used for faster drinking wines since the transparent glass makes the drink evolve faster.


Young wines for immediate consumption, both white and rosé, are bottled in transparent glass to give prominence to their bright and lively color. Red wines rarely go in a transparent bottle, young or not.




Originally from the Bordeaux region (France), this type of bottle is one of the most classic and the most widely used in the world. Cylindrical in shape, with marked shoulders and a concave bottom, its usual color is green, a tone that favors the protection of the wine during its rest. It usually contains red wines and is the easiest bottle to store at home. There are several types: standard or light, reserve, elite or tall cylindrical. The characteristic measurements of this type of bottle are 30 cm high and 6.85 cm in diameter. You can find several red wines from Valencia in these types of bottles.



Of all the types of bottle of wine it is the oldest known. With a French design similar to that of the Bordeaux bottle, it maintains a slight curve in the shoulders. It differs precisely in that area, the shoulders, more drooping and longer. Their tones are green or brown, and there are various types of them, the most common being the concave and the convex. Its characteristic measurements are 29.6 cm in height and 6.80 cm in diameter. 



Also known as Rhenish or Alsatian, it receives its name from its German origin. This type of wine bottle is tall and elongated, drawing just a slight curve to your shoulders. It usually contains white and rosé wines, green being the color for the first case and transparent for the second. Its characteristic measurements are 35 cm in height and 7.6 cm in diameter.



These types of wine bottles have a Spanish design, with more pronounced shoulders and whose neck is widened at the base. It is usually an opaque bottle that is almost black in color. Contains fine wines from Jerez and Manzanillas. Its characteristic measurements are 28.6 cm in height and 7.5 cm in diameter.



With dropped shoulders and green tones (although it is not difficult to find it in other colors) it is similar to Burgundy with small variations. It is made with a thicker glass and has a characteristic cavity in its base due to the fact that the sparkling ones offer more resistance and generate more pressure. Its characteristic measurements are 30 cm in height and 8.84 cm in diameter.


These are the most common types of wine bottles. However, apart from these five, there are others. There are even companies that have their own mold based on variants of these originals.



The size is very important for the conservation of the wine in the case of red wines for aging. It has a great influence on conservation due to the impact that size produces on oxygenation and temperature of the broth. The larger the size, the better the evolution and the longer the storage time. And this is due to the fact that the wine in contact with the glass and the oxygen input is lower in relative terms than in a small bottle, which gives a greater longevity of the wine.


October 27, 2021

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