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Bar Spoons

Drinks are stirred with bar spoons. Their bodies are longer and slimmer than regular spoons, and the ends come in various styles.


European Union


They come in various shapes and sizes but most look like a disc at the end. It can be used in place of a muddler and as a tool for layering drinks. It’s more durable because it’s specifically designed to muddle ingredients. This is especially true if you’re working with glasses that are particularly tall.


American spoon


The American, also known as the basic bar spoon, has a simple but effective design. It has a twisted stem, but only in the middle, and its iconic red rubber tip, which is meant to provide comfort to the bartender’s hand when stirring, makes it instantly recognisable.


Japan spoon

A longer, slimmer stem gives this one a more regal appearance. Either a teardrop-shaped tip or a fork can be used at the end, depending on your preference. The fork can be used to pick up fruits for muddled.


It’s all about presentation, so drinks aren’t complete without their glasses. Glassware comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the beverage. These are some of the most popular drinking glasses found in bars.

In a highball glass, combine the ingredients for the Highball Cranberry Cocktail.

A tall glass measures 3 inches in diameter by 6 inches in height and holds 8-12 ounces of liquid. A tequila sunrise or long island ice tea is served in this glassware.


With a diameter of 2 12 inches and a height of 6.75 inches, this glass is similar to the highball but taller and slimmer. It holds 10-14 ounces of liquid. It’s also in cocktails like the Tom Collins.




A short, decorative glass that holds 6-10 ounces of liquid and is about 3.5 inches high and 3 inches wide. It’s also known as an old-fashioned glass or a lowball glass, and it’s commonly used to serve ice-cold whiskey or scotch.




In the beginning, coupe glasses were used for champagne, but now they’re more commonly associated with cocktails like aviations and daiquiris.


There are many different kinds of Martinis available.


The martini glass can be made by taking a coupe glass and swapping out the round bowl for a triangular one. To make the drink even better, a toothpick with an olive on it should be included in the serving.



Margaritas and shrimp cocktails are served in margarita glasses, a variation of the coupe glass with two curved rims.



Champagne and mimosas are traditionally served in this elegant glass. Because of the stem’s design, the drink’s temperature will not be impacted while being held in the cup.


Short glass


The “shot” is a small glass intended to allow the drinker to consume the entire beverage in a single gulp. It has a capacity of 0.8 – 1.70 oz and comes in a variety of designs, just like the shooter. As an added bonus, it can be used as a jigger as well.

October 27, 2021

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