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Strainers For Cocktails

Pouring drinks into glasses with strainers removes any pulp or ice crystals that may have gotten into the drink. It keeps the cocktail perfectly smooth throughout the entire mixing process. Strainers, like shakers, are available in a variety of styles.


As a result, cocktail strainers must be purchased separately because most shakers do not come equipped with one.


Strainer of Hawthorne


The Hawthorne strainer, which is probably the most popular, also appears to be the most complicated. An attached handle and a metal disc with perforated holes hold it in place on top of the shaker or glass while stabilising prongs keep it in place. A metal spring aligned on the disc collects any solids that fall out during the pouring process.


The metal spring on this strainer matches the Boston shaker perfectly because it is adjustable to fit the rim of the tin or glass. It comes in a variety of designs, but they’re all equipped with the same basic components.


But cleaning this strainer can be a hassle due to the spring, and it can also be damaged if not handled with care.


Julep Strainer


A julep strainer resembles a slotted spoon, but it isn’t as deep and has a short handle. The solids are caught in a shallow, round container with tiny holes. If you want to filter out larger particles from your drink, use a Hawthorne or a fine mesh strainer instead.


This is commonly used to strain mixed drinks after they’ve been shaken in a mixing glass. To use, place it over the mouth of the glass, shallow side down, and press down with your fingers. It’s long-lasting and hassle-free to clean, but it’s ineffective at removing ultra-fine particles.


Filter with a Fine Mesh Opening


The fine mesh strainer outperforms the other two when it comes to filtering your beverage. It’s similar to a kitchen strainer, but much smaller.


As a result, your drink will be free of unwanted bits of fruit or ice thanks to the strainer’s assistance. It’s available in various shapes and sizes, and it’s reasonably priced. To get the most out of it, place it beneath the first strainer while using it.



On the bar’s counter, a long row of jiggers is on display.


Miniature stainless steel hourglass-shaped instruments used in mixology, cocktail jiggers are used to measure 1 ounce of spirits and 2 ounces of other ingredients.


Jiggers are available in a wide range of styles and dimensions. Occasionally, they’re mistook for a shot glass or a pistol shooter. To clear things up, you can look at the differences between them right here.


All-in-one Jig


To measure liquor, use a single jigger, which has a single bowl. The double jigger has two sides, and this one only has one.


Jiggers with two blades


A double jigger resembles an hourglass because of the two different bowls on either side. One ounce and two ounces are accommodated on either side. This is the most common jigger to be found in drinking establishments.


the Japanese jig


When compared to a double jigger, a Japanese jigger has an angular design. It’s easier to get an accurate measurement because of the design. It’s easier to pour because of the sleek design.

October 27, 2021

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